Behind the Lens

Explorer. Filmmaker.

Destination Wedding videographer

Who am i?

I am Vangelis Petalias, a storytelling destination wedding videographer, filmmaker and I decided a couple of years ago, to make my hobby, my profession. 
For me, filmmaking is not just a job; its a source of energy and inspiration. Like traveling, they have helped me to shape as a person over the years. Exploring new places, meeting new people and experiencing different cultures are what drives me forward. In fact, traveling is my main source of energy and inspiration.
I have been fortunate enough to visit 30 countries and capturing events at 5 of them till now (Hungary, Cyprus, Slovakia, Austria, Lebanon), so now i have a deep understanding for the diversity of our world. Additionally, I have the pleasure of making friends from all over the globe. While I thoroughly enjoy capturing the art of wedding cinematography, it is the uniqueness of each couple that truly fuels my passion.
Every couple has their own story and particularities ,so I believe that their photos and videos should reflect that uniqueness, so i have to do something truly special.


“My clients are seekers of beauty,
lovers of travel, genuinely passionate.„

Picture of vangelis petalias Destination Wedding videographer


I’m deeply honoured that i have been nominated and won awards in various European contests through the years.
  • Top5 World’s Best Wedding Filmmaker of 2023 at WEVSY Global Awards 
  • 1st Place at People’s Choice Award at WEVSY Greece Awards
  • Editor’s Choice Jury 2023 at Fotografi- Cameramani of Romania 2023
  • Annual Contest Jury at Fotografi – Cameramani of Romania 2022
  • Photo Wedding Stories 2022 Competition Honoured on 2 Videos
  • Inspirational Filmmakers Nomination for the Best Filmmaker of the Year for 2022
  • Inspirational Filmmakers Association Award – 2022
  • Honourable Mention Inspirational Filmmakers Award – 2021
  • Couple’s Choice Awards at Wedding Wire – 2021
  • Various Vid of the Day Awards in WEVA
  • Top 5 – 2019 WEVA Greek Awards