Behind the Lens

Explorer. Filmmaker.

Destination Wedding videographer

Who am i?

I am Vangelis Petalias, a storytelling destination wedding videographer, filmmaker and I decided a couple of years ago, to make my hobby, my profession.Β 
For me, filmmaking is not just a job; its a source of energy and inspiration. Like traveling, they have helped shape me as a person over the years. Exploring new places, meeting new people, and experiencing different cultures are what drive me forward. In fact, traveling is my main source of energy and inspiration.
Having been fortunate enough to visit 30 countries and capturing events at 5 of them till now (Hungary, Cyprus, Slovakia, Austria, Lebanon), I have gained a deep appreciation for the diversity of our world. Additionally, I have had the pleasure of making friends from all corners of the globe. While I thoroughly enjoy capturing the art of wedding cinematography, it is the uniqueness of each couple that truly fuels my passion.
Every couple has their own story and particularities, and I believe that their photos and videos should reflect that uniqueness and be something truly special.


β€œMy clients are seekers of beauty,
lovers of travel, genuinely passionate.β€ž

Picture of vangelis petalias Destination Wedding videographer


I’m deeply honoured that i have been nominated and won awards in various European contests through the years.
  • Editor’s Choice Jury 2023 at Fotografi- Cameramani of Romania 2023
  • Annual Contest Jury at Fotografi – Cameramani of Romania 2022
  • Photo Wedding Stories 2022 Competition Honoured on 2 Videos
  • Inspirational Filmmakers Nomination for the Best Filmmaker of the Year for 2022
  • Inspirational Filmmakers Association Award – 2022
  • Honourable Mention Inspirational Filmmakers Award – 2021
  • Couple’s Choice Awards at Wedding Wire – 2021
  • Various Vid of the Day Awards in WEVA
  • Top 5 – 2019 WEVA Greek Awards